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日本から出国される外国人の皆様へ ~To all foreigners leaving Japan~




You can apply for the lump-sum withdrawal payments if you have the Japanese Public pension coverage periods for 6 months or longer.
I will tell you about the specific procedures.

In order to receive your Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments(‘the Payments’),you need to file your application within two years after your Basic Resident Register in Japan is canceled.
It is necessary that you are currently NOT coverd by the National Pension,the Employees’Pension Insurance or the mutual aid association’s pension system, and basically you need to satisfy four conditions as follows;

1.You are not a Japanese citizen.
2.You have paid the National Pension contributions(as a Category I insured person)for a total of six months or more including; a) number of month you paid full amount contribution, b) 3/4 of your coverage periods exempt from 1/4 contribution payment, c) half of your coverage periods exempt from half contribution payment, and d) 1/4 of your coverage periods exempt from 3/4 contribution payment.
Or you have coverage periods under the Employees’Pension Insurance system for six months or more.
3.You are not resident in Japan.
4.You have never been entitled to any Japanese public pension,including the Disability Allowance.nouzeikanri
After several months, you will receive a notice & the repayment money in your bank account.
20% Japan’s tax is deducted from the repayment you receive.
In order to receive the repayment,you need a tax agent.
We can become your tax agent.We want to help you.
Please contact us to Asahi Tax Corporation.